Patch 1.5 Released!

Now with 'Easy Mode'!

Easy Mode has been added which reduces the speed of some enemies and makes the Time Slow ability last twice as long. We've also made a few adjustments to the UI and Localization. To mark this milestone, we're now offering 60% off for one week only!


+ Added World-Specific coloured Level Icons

+ Added Boss-Specific Level Icon in the Level Screen

+ Added 'Easy Mode' which is located on the Settings screen.

   - This provides the player with extra time when using the Time Slow ability as well as slowing down enemies.

+ Redesigned the W02 Boss Level

+ Fixed a UI Bug where you could break the game during the load screen.

+ Fixed a UI Bug where you could break the OK button during Tutorial screens.

+ Fixed a translation issue for the Japanese language setting.

+ Tweaked some of the German translations.

+ Visual and Platform tweaks to Hidden Level

+ Fixed a Sound Settings bug.


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