Netherworld: After 10 months of development, we finally have our latest patch!

Netherworld Patch includes the following changes:

General Changes:
- Checkpoint Health system added
- Player Evaporation Health Meter aded
- Set a variable cap for collecting all tokens instead of 3
- TimeSlow pickup ability added (no longer an inherit ability)
- All vanilla levels (w01, w02 and w03) completely revamped and expanded
- Intro and Outro cutscenes replaced
- World 3 platform sprites updated
- Lighting for World 2 tweaked
- World 2 Boss level redesign
- World 3 Boss level redesign
- World 3 Boss redesigned
- Added a splash impact effect to the Player when landing

New 'Netherworld Mode' added with all new levels including:
- AI Worm Turret
- AI Floater
- AI Melee
- AI Jumper
- Swinging Laser Turrets
- Rotating Laser Turrets
- Swaying Thorns
- Ice (Slippery Surfaces)
- Rotating Ball Spikes
- Moving ON/OFF Laser Beams
- Bezier-path Flyer movements
- Bezier-path 1x1 platforms
- Circular Rotating Platforms
- Ping-pong & Looping Dual-Path Lasers


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